zmote FAQs

I have a Smart TV. I don't really need one of these then, right?

zmote lets you control not just your TV, but also your Set-top Box, Blu-ray player, Xbox, Air-conditioner,... anything that comes with an IR remote controller. In other words, zmote does a lot more than control just your TV.

My phone has an IR blaster. Why would I buy one of these?

Great! You must then be aware of issues using in-built IR blaster:

  1. You have to point your phone at the gadget. That makes it inconvenient to use.
    Not with zmote! In fact, zmote can be operated from another room, another city, or for that matter, even from another continent!
  2. Not all your family members have a phone with an in-built IR blaster.
    zmote only requires a working internet connection. All members of your family can use it.
  3. You have to configure your devices in all phones having in-built IR blaster.
    With zmote web app, you have to configure devices only once and all members of your family can use it.

Can I set it up on my own?

If you have connected your phone to your home WiFi network, you already have all the required skills. Take a look at our Setup Instructions. It should take you less than 5 minutes to be up and running with zmote.

Will it work with my existing home automation setup?

zmote is API-compatible with other WF2IR (WiFi2IR) and IP2IR products supported by leading home automation systems. Chances are that zmote will work seamlessly with your home automation setup.

Write to us at [email protected] for any other queries.